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Since I was elected last year, I’ve met with community leaders, organizations and residents throughout the 112th District listening to their concerns about our great state and have worked with my colleagues at the Capitol. While I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished together, I know that our journey has just begun.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m seeking re-election and it is my sincere hope that together we will return to Hartford where I will hold the line on taxes, increase parental rights and help our state’s businesses as they recover from the pandemic.

I am proud of the accomplishments I have made thus far in my first term. It has been a privilege to be the voice for the 112th District. Voters trusted me to represent their best interests and it would be my honor to continue to represent them in Hartford.

We must hold the line on any attempts at imposing additional taxes that would be harmful to local businesses that are still recovering from lock downs and mandates. The pandemic has challenged all of us, but Connecticut businesses have been especially hit hard. That’s why I will continue to ensure they will get a seat at the table in Hartford.

Earlier this year, I was recognized by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association as having a 100-percent voting record on pro-business legislation, as well as preventing job-killing taxes and voting against harmful mandates.

I’m proud of my work on the Public Safety & Security, Human Services and Higher Education & Employee Advancement Committees. As part of my involvement with those committees, I’ve fought against unfunded mandates that would only add to our tax burdens, while fighting to restore educational funding to our schools.  

You trusted me with the responsibility of representing the residents of Monroe and Newtown. Last year, as part of a constitutionally required change that was based on population changes tabulated by the U.S. Census, the 112th District was reconfigured to include parts of Easton and Trumbull. I welcome residents in those towns into the District and am looking forward to meeting with them in the coming months to hear their concerns.

During the past year, I’ve worked closely with Monroe’s First Selectman Ken Kellogg and his team, much like I have with town leaders in Newtown. I’m looking forward to continuing that collaboration with the leaders in Trumbull and Easton.  

It should be the expectation that legislators show up in the Capitol to carry out the will of the people within the district and I take that solemn duty seriously. Since taking office, I have a 100-percent voting record, having cast a vote for each piece of legislation that arose since April of 2021.

As a husband and father of two daughters, I care deeply about the community and government’s role within our lives. Thank you for your continuing support and I ask for your help again in the race ahead!


Election Countdown

November 8, 2022

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